Mercury Cloud

Wandering Doctor and Political Radical


Class: C

Status 2: Black Lotus Society Ally
Status 4: Son of the Cinnabar Prophet

Archetype: Doctor

Destiny: Free: 0 Total:35 (the initial 20 + the 15 from character advancement, right?)
Entanglement: Free: (all of my current deeds except for the first 1 point force one which has already been allocated to a Lore, specifically a 1 point entanglement with Mr.Wu/Dark Cloud) Total: (the free 15 we started with + deeds, right?)

*Chivalrous Joss: (total from chivalrous virtue deeds)
*Malicious Joss: (total from selfish virtue deeds)

  • notes: I added these, since I figured I needed to start keeping track

Disadvantage: Hayseed (Mercury Cloud spent his youth traveling through every podunk village in Shen Zhou and not much time in large cities or around the new technological marvels of the age)
Disadvantage: Too Political

Benevolence 4 Force 1 Honor 1 Loyalty 4 Righteousness 4
Ferocity 1 Individualism 1 Obsession 4 Revenge 4 Ruthlessness 1
Awareness +5
Confidence +5
Finesse +5
Hardiness +5
Medicine +10
Might +5
Stealth +5
Tactics +10

Kung Fu:

Normal: 12 Free Cultivation: 5 Total: ?
Metal: 3 Free Cultivation: 4 Total: ?

*question: does elemental chi count double for figuring total? because before I had 11 normal and 2 metal, and it said my total was 15 (which would mean my then two points of metal chi counting double, most likely) ?

Chi Deviation: Due to the excess of metal chi in the respiratory system, Mercury exhales a shroud of mist with each breath that would impress a dragon or an opium den.

Chi Threshold: 11/22/33
*question: does this mean special chi doesn’t get counted with chi threshold? Because why was my chi threshold 11 if I had 11 normal chi and 2 metal chi? I know it wouldn’t count double here, but it sounds like from the book it would count just as normal. But I can’t calculate my new chi threshold until I know if the old chi threshold that is there right now (11/22/33) is a mistake or not, whether the exclusion of counting my 2 points of metal chi was a mistake or intentional.

Weapon: Unarmed

  • +5 Speed
  • +5 Footwork
  • You can Focus on Breath using only a single die from your
    initiative roll, instead of needing a set.

External Kung Fu
Destiny Cloud Fist

  • Speed: +5 Unarmed +10
  • Footwork: +15 Unarmed +20
  • Strike: +10
  • Damage: +5
  • Block: +5
  • Toughness: +5
  • The wind can be calm or furious, clear or hidden amongst
    dark clouds. It is everywhere, yet cannot be grasped. These
    all hint at what its true strength is: versatility. The ability to
    adapt quickly and have a response to all adversity is key to
    attaining victory.
  • Destiny Cloud Fist laughs at both excessive yin and excessive
    yang, as it can easily adjust itself to defeat either method.
    Those who rely on raw power or speed without cunning,
    as well as those who are passive or defensive without
    aggression, are equally predictable to this style.
  • Destiny Cloud Fist fears swiftness. As the wind sweeps away
    the clouds, so do fast rushes overwhelm the adaptive power of
    this style. Highly specialized unorthodox methods are also a
    weakness, as the power of this style to handle all adversity is not
    quite as complete as its practitioners like to claim. In the face of
    fire, it might starve the flame with the absence of air. In the face
    of water it might shape the waves and currents with strong gusts
    of wind. But in the face of the unexpected, the wind is at a loss!
  • Heavenly Warrior: This style’s Footwork bonus increases to +15
  • Windy Cloud Force: This style’s Strike bonus increases to +10

Internal Kung Fu
Iron Body Skill

  • 1 Chi – Iron Power: You have a +5 bonus to Damage
  • 2 Chi – Humble Man’s Stern Rebuke: You have a +10 bonus to Strike
  • 3 Chi – Fierce Dragon Breaks Bones: You have a +15 bonus to Damage
    *4 Chi – Black Tigers Hunting: You have a +20 bonus to Strike. You have a +10 bonus either to Disorient or Disrupt your target.
    *5 Chi – Iron Buddha’s Disapproval: You have a +25 bonus to Damage. If this attack causes an Injury Condition, the Recovery of that condition is increased by 10 and its Duration is 5.

Formless Techniques
*3 Chi – Hundred Li Step: You may cross two zones within a single Cover Ground result; after traveling to a new zone, treat the next adjacent zones as one difficulty step higher to reach – or 10 points higher in the cases where somebody used a Shaping Marvel to alter the difficulties. If your result is still high enough to reach a new zone, you may move there. You can’t go further than that.
*2 Chi – Drifting Cloud Step: You may cover ground towards a zone that can’t support you, such as the middle of a lake or up in the air. You can’t use this technique two rounds in a row, so you should cover ground again next round to reach a destination you can normally stand on. Still, with a decent Footwork result (Hard (30) or better) you could balance on something like a reed or treetop.

Secret Arts:
*River Flows Upstream Technique: You can Flood dice to create a Poison attack with a Damage bonus equal to your Medicine skill (+10).
*Closing the Five Gates: This allows you to use your Medicine skill to perform a Disorient Marvel that gives a direct penalty to Focusing on Breath. You can stack two separate applications of this Marvel for a total penalty of -10 to Focus Breath actions.
*Cutting the Branch: This technique lets you stack two Disrupt Marvels aiming to penalize Footwork. These Marvels can even be on the same turn if you are having a really good day with the dice. However, they must both use your Medicine skill.

Secret Lores


  • Combat Conditions
    • Everyone with this Lore can recognize an existing Combat Condition by making a Tactics roll at the urging of the Sage while out of combat, and as a deliberate Minor Tactics Action inside of it. The Difficulty is set by the Sage, but the benchmarks should be 30 for a Minor Condition and only 20 to recognize a Major one.

The target can oppose this with Stealth or Tactics.

  • Extraordinary Warrior Techniques


  • Introduction to Predictionism
  • Extraordinary Scholar Techiques


  • Introduction to Medical Conditions
  • The Secret Art of Medicine (Toolset Lore)
    • Anyone with this Lore can work in parallel with a subject, allowing the subject to use the better result of the Doctor’s and their own for trying to beat the Recovery.
  • A Doctor’s Work (Discovery Lore)
    • Discovery Skill: Medicine
    • Resist Skill: Hardiness
    • On a Standard Success, you have Discovered a Trivial Weakness Medical Condition or a Trivial Hyperactivity Medical Condition; On a Critical Success, you can Discover a Minor Weakness Medical Condition or a Minor Hyperactivity Medical Condition.
    • You get to pick the Recovery of the Condition, either equal to the roll made to Discover it or a set number depending on its Intensity: Hard (30) for a Trivial Condition and Memorable (40) for a Minor or Major one.
    • You can choose between [Duration 5, Interval 1 Scene] or [Duration 1, Interval 1 Story].
  • Secrets of Treatment (Manipulation Lore)
    • Inflaming and Soothing Conditions: To inflame or soothe a Medical Condition, roll Medicine +Toolset Bonuses vs the Recovery of the Condition. Inflaming or soothing a condition moves its Recovery Difficulty one step.
  • Extraordinary Medical Techniques
    • River Flows Upstream Technique

Player Notes:
- total deeds so far: Force (1 entanglement, chivalrous) during tournament introductions, Obsession (4 entanglement, malicious) by getting booed by crowd when i beat Silence, Force (1 entanglement, chivalrous) for teaming up to save Smoke Clouded Mirror from Viridian Mask, Righteousness (4 entanglement, chivalrous) for lecturing Viridian Mask on morality while punching her.



Mandate of The Earth – A large group of pro-democracy agitators who contributed to the ousting of the Han Dynasty. Many people support their egalitarian and democratic mission, but just as many see them as lawless monsters; The Cinnabar Prophet’s ideas are an affront to every established religious and civic idea in Shen Zhou.

  • Disadvantage: Too Political – Your association with the radical Atheistic Democratic ideals of the Cinnabar Prophet are well known, either because you take time to argue for them, or because you are widely known to associate with the prophet. This is like being a Communist in the 1950s Hollywood or an Anarchist in the teens. A lot of people don’t like you, and see you as little better than a Corrupt or even Baneful human.
  • 3 Fortune: Blossoming Heroes – The Blossoming Heroes are a group of peasants who took up arms to fight oppression at the prompting of the Cinnabar Prophet. Public opinion on them is sharply divided. They continue to fiercely agitate for the rights of peasants and factory workers, which earns them as many enemies as it does friends. You’ve made friends with these salt of the earth revolutionaries. Once per story, you may call upon their help in some way.
  • 3Fortune: Friends of the Revolution – Armed Revolution is not a pretty business. Those who Support the Mandate of the Earth find themselves tied up with all kinds of unsavory types, whether they be violent malcontents who care more about spreading chaos and consolidating their own power, or those who would profit from the revolution. The Mandate of Earth has formed particularly close ties with the Blade Dogs, the Blood Wind Cult and The Black Lotus Society. You may introduce a beneficial fact about the local criminal underworld. You have status with one of those three organizations, (Or another Unorthodox Organization) despite not being a member. They won’t give you all their secrets, but you may be able to call on them for aid.
  • Status 2: Black Lotus Society ally
    Involvement 1: Parent Cinnabar Prophet
    Involvement 1: Elder Brother Gunpowder Rain
    Mandate of Heaven
  • The quest for the Mandate of Heaven is important
  • But Mercury Cloud will never sit on the throne

Emerging Young Heroes Tournament
*I think in the tournament introductions Mercury had a deed that got him 1 Entanglement with Dark Cloud, having impressed him or something.


Cloud has a lanky build but the muscles of someone trained in medicine and the regimes of physical cultivation. He looks the part of a country doctor, in distinctive but well-worn clothes that have been sewn back together many times.


Cloud is a war orphan from the South who was raised by the mysterious bandage-covered sage, the Cinnibar Prophet, along with another orphan – his older sister Rain. When they came of age they took the names Mercury Cloud and Gunpowder Rain within the Wulin. Despite being a doctor like their adoptive father, Cloud feels inferior to his sister, whose warrior ways seem to be of more benefit to their family’s cause and to winning their father’s affection as of yet. But this could just be his own anxieties.

Having been raised in part by kindly people in every village they traveled across throughout the years as they walked the country (the Prophet spreading his message), for Cloud the fight for People’s Rights is rooted in his fondness and affinity with the peasantry. While he doesn’t remember the village he grew up in, he’s recast it as an idyllic time in his mind, fueling vengeful feelings towards the rulers of the land whose dynastic shift destroyed it.

Cloud is a reserved person often put into situations that bring out his emotions in a way he’s uncomfortable with, and puts on a stony face when righting injustice or spreading the message of the Earth Mandate to avoid letting his guard down, which can’t help but do when facing the comradeship of ordinary people.

Mercury Cloud

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