Dark Cloud

One of the Four Dark Heavenly Kings



A handsome young man, he has taken on the eccentric habit of dressing in western fashions, with a special emphasis on suits and ties. Even in the strange countries of the west, such fashions are considered avant garde; in Shen Zhou, they are outright bizarre!

In the Li Shan, he is known as Wu Bu, the wild young head of the Bird’s Foot Food Corporation, a chain of grocery stores spread throughout Shen Zhou.

But in the Jiang Hu, he is known not just as a grocer, but as an arms dealer, who made his fortune dealing with both sides during the Jin Revolution.

But for those who truly understand the Martial World, he is known as Fourth Dark Heavenly King of the Black Lotus: Dark Cloud!

Equal to the other Dark Heavenly Kings, and subordinate only to Black Storm Buddha, Dark Cloud is one of the most powerful criminals in Shen Zhou!


Dark Cloud

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